- windows
- linux/solaris

Mobile development:
- android
- ios
- window phone

Web development:
- html5
- seo

Custom solutions for:
- video and audio streaming with hardware accelaration
- video ads campaigns

Innovative technologies:
- Smart automatic monitoring system for all mobile devices and dedicated tracking devices by gps,video and audio with real time video and audio processing features

Proprietary systems:
- custom video and audio format html5 transcoding in hardware
- custom streaming engines for video chat industry
- worldwide coverage sms gateway

Expertise and strong teoretical background in the following fields:
- image processing with hardware accelaration
- computer vision with hardware accelaration
- machine learning,speech recognition and pattern recognition
- audio signal processing
- neural networks and artificial intelligence
- mechanical design with solidworks
- robotics and computer aided design
- paralel computing in linux and windows